I'm Maria Teresa Fruelda Bermudo, 23 years of ages and the 5th daughter of my parent and also first twin grand daughter of both side of my parents. my heigth is 4'9 and my weights is 55 kls.

We live in #4 crescentwood pingkian 2 pasong tamo quezon city since I'm 18 years old because before we transferred in different house eacause we don't have our own house.

I have one adopted brother because my parents can't have a baby boy that's why they adopted my brother and five sisters .

My father's name is Joel Abunda Bermudo and my mother is Mary May Fruelda Bermudo, and my parent's occupation is street vendors in school.

I started schooling in GSIS Village Elementary School, When I was in grade 4 my parents decided to stop my sudy because of financial problem that my family had experienced

My siblings and I decided to help my parents in solving the problem that we had faced, but even that happened in our family, that's not yet the end for me because there are some people who helped us .

After we had passed that trials my parents decided to continue our schooling because they believe that education is very important.

I am a kind of person that is friendly also they say that I am a good friend that can be trusted and can be shared their feeings or thhoughts .

I always focus in my studies, one of my goal is to achieve everything I wanted and to pay back the sacrifices of my parents for tooking care of us.

When I was in third year high school it was memorable moment of my life , I met my bestfriend, He was very kind and friedly to all but when we was on 4th year high school we had separated in different sections and I felt sad because we are so close together.

But all the happy moment that we buil and create was gone because I recieved a bad news from his relative, they texted me that my best friend is gone, he left me in the short time.

That is one of the saddest moment of my life ,though I felt happy also because I can treasure all of our memories forever.

When I graduated in HighSchool, I stopped because we had moved again to another house and also we don't have a budget for my schooling, that's why I helped again my parents so that we can recover

I helped my parents to earn money for my studies and also for our expenses

After three years I passed the entrance exam at Quezon city Polytechnic University at San Francisco Campus, that time I was ashamed because of my age, I am the oldest of all but it is not a barrier to start my dreams. i meet my best friend edeliza she is a kind person to me.

a lesson that i learn in my past dont be afraid of what you are doing and believe that you can do everthing to achieve your goals all i need is be your self.

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